Do you sell anything else besides knives?

Yes we do! Over the years we have added numerous product lines such as FlashlightsSelf DefenseApparelOutdoor & Survival GearWatches, and Lighters.Why should I buy a knife from you as opposed to some other seller?

With so many choices available for buying knives this is a great question. Here’s our take:

  • We really care about our customers and the quality of our service. Without customers we don’t exist. We always try to answer your email questions, if there’s a problem we’ll take care of it and we will never leave you hanging. This is not to say things will always be perfect, but we’ll get it right in the end.
  • Our store is owned and run by people who really love knives; It’s not a turn-key money making machine. When a business is founded on passion it shows.
  • Our prices are competitive, our inventory is massive, our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, we have a physical store (this allows us to be authorized dealers for most of the products we carry).
  • Love. Love isn’t something you can buy. It’s given. And we give it. To you. ‘Cause we have it to give. And we love you (yes, you).

What’s the quality like on the knives you sell?

This site is dedicated to the cream of the crop. Any items on this site are first rate. Sure, there will be some $25 knives floating around, but we don’t believe that something good always has to cost as much as an organ transplant. Remember the old saying though: You get what you pay for. If a knife costs more, it’s probably because it’s better. Often the only difference between the prices of knives is the cost of the materials. If you have questions about a specific knife just Drop us a line!Can I advertise on your site?

Advertisements make websites gross. So… no. We don’t allow advertising.Can I link to your site?

Certainly. And if we think your website will be of interest to our customers (and it isn’t in direct competition with us) we’ll be happy to link back to you on our links page.What’s your favorite knife?

Knife technology has come so far in the last few years and it’s become impossible to choose one particular knife. However, think of a beefy titanium folder with an S30V blade, some carbon fiber and a bit of style and you can bet that’s at the top of our list.I like your website. What software are you using?

The software is a proprietary eCommerce platform acquired and owned by Blade HQ. It’s the product of years of blood, sweat, and some crying.