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My only complaint would be about the cleaning staff sometimes taking short cuts but if that is the only complaint it could be much worse. WhiteSands premium program incorporates trauma therapy to those patients that benefit from it, beginning in inpatient care and continuing in outpatient care for as long as a patient is willing to participate. Trauma, as it pertains to drug and alcohol addiction, must be addressed in those patients suffering in order to give them the best chance at sustaining long-term sobriety. Otherwise, we are detoxing patients without addressing the underlying issues that have led patients to self-medicate.

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At Priory, the first step in your alcohol rehabilitation journey is to go through our free alcohol addiction assessment. This takes place with one of our addiction specialists at any one of our addiction rehab centres across the UK. Our dedicated free assessment guide offers in-depth information on what can be expected if you seek help and support for an addiction with Priory.

What Are the Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal?

Muse Treatment offers comprehensive treatment programs that target all phases of the recovery process. As a leading Los Angeles addiction treatment center, we feature medical drug detox as part of our treatment offerings. Drug detox is an important first step on the road to recovery. During detox, clients are gently weaned off the drug(s) they’re addicted to in our safe and supportive medically supervised environment. Muse is widely recognized as the #1 inpatient drug rehab Los Angeles to attend, after completing the detox program. WhiteSands has a nationally recognized reputation for addiction treatment excellence.

During alcohol detox, you’ll have access to round-the-clock care to make sure you’re comfortable at all times. We can also prescribe medication if needed, to help with your symptoms. You will go through three main stages of recovery during your 7-day treatment plan. First, you will detox from the drink or drug you have been using. Inpatient detox and rehab mean you will be taken into a rehab clinic and you will stay there for the duration of the 7 days. While our 7-day treatment programme is an ideal way to help manage the days immediately after detox, we can then direct you towards the right treatment.

Family Support in Recovery

We’ve helped thousands of people addicted to drugs like methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, sleeping pills, prescription painkillers, and many other drugs achieve their recovery goals. Since then, we have treated over 10,000 patients struggling with both substance abuse and underlying psychiatric issues and have seen time and time again the success stories of those going through our programs. What follows is the WhiteSands difference, and how we have elevated standards of care for addiction treatment. I am Joe Ducey, the Chief Operating Officer of WhiteSands and someone who is in recovery. I wanted to build a treatment center that went to the next level in providing the best patient experience from the initial phone call to our admissions department until the day you complete our program.

  • I’m extremely grateful for them and the opportunities that have opened up for me.
  • My life today, inside and out, is 180 degrees away in the right direction.
  • At WhiteSands, we prepare healthy and nutritious meals each day on-site, and we emphasize the need for a healthy diet through the “eat right” portion of our Life Skills Program.
  • It defines excessive drinking as 5 or more drinks in one sitting for men and 4 or more drinks for women in one sitting.

At WhiteSands, we first focus on the harmful addictive behavior that is leading them to enter treatment and has been destructive in their daily lives. We all know the abysmal statistics on relapse rates following completion of treatment, and our industry needs to continue to strive to improve these outcomes. At WhiteSands, we believe the heart of improving outcomes is getting to the underlying issues of why someone uses substances. A person can be physically detoxed from the substance in 7-10 days, but the mental withdrawal and obsession lasts much longer.

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